Quesnel Farmer's Market, Quesnel BC


Sage-Stuffed Onions

 6            Large onions
1 cup      Finely diced cooked veal or pork
1 cup      Bread crumbs
1 tsp       Ground sage
4 tbsp     Melted butter
1/4 cup   Grated Cheddar
                Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Boil the onions in water to cover until barely tender. Drain. Scoop out the centers, leaving enough outside layers to make one cup. Mix the chopped onions with the diced meat, one-third cup of the bread crumbs, 1 T. water, salt, pepper and sage. Fill the onion cavities, mounding up the stuffing. Brush with two T. of the melted butter. Place in a shallow baking dish, cover and bake 15 min.

Remove the cover from the baking dish and sprinkle the onions with the remaining 2/3 c. bread crumbs, remaining butter and the grated cheese. Bake uncovered until brown.

Submitted By: Cathie Allen